Christopher Conroy

Christopher Conroy

Chief of Major Economic Crimes Bureau
New York County District Attorney's Office

Mr. Conroy is the Chief of the Major Economic Crimes Bureau in the New York County District Attorney’s Office. The Bureau conducts investigations involving sanctions evasion, bank, securities, commodities, mortgage, accounting, and other investment fraud, and international money laundering and terror financing. The Bureau has prosecuted criminal enterprises in a variety of industries, including money remitters, mortgage brokers, medical clinics, and other financial service industries. As Chief, Chris also manages both the Financial Intelligence Unit and the International Money Movement Center, which are components of the Bureau. Chris has been with the DA’s Office since 1996. In that time, in addition to the work he is currently doing, he has investigated and tried cases involving murder, murder for hire, conspiracy, gun trafficking, drug trafficking, and robbery. He graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and Fordham University School of Law.

Government Panel: OFAC, BIS, NY’s Enforcement of Sanctions and Regulatory Priorities

Understanding what key agencies’ priorities are, so you can prepare What regulators are looking for in sanctions compliance programs New or heightened challenges due to interagency and international cooperation Critical changes in enforcement such as FinCEN’s use of USA Patriot Act Section 311 tool for sanctions concerns